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Lesson 0Wymowa

Lesson 1  What is this?

Lesson 2  My name is.

Lesson 3  I have a dog.

Lesson 4  Do you like bananas?

Lesson 5  A typical day.

Lesson 6  In the cinema.

Lesson 7  At a grocery store.

Lesson 8  My younger brother.

Lesson 9  My favourite movie.

Lesson 10  What are you doing?.

Lesson 11  Where are you going to?.

Lesson 12  Tom is lost.

Lesson 13  The thirteenth lesson.

Lesson 14  A letter from England.

Lesson 15  What are you doing tomorrow?

Lesson 16  Fish and chips.

Lesson 17  The Earth

Lesson 18  Hummingbirds

Lesson 19  At the zoo.

Lesson 20  Yesterday